Go Rams!

I’m back from a little trip-a-roo to NY for my alma mater‘s homecoming. I can’t lie, we didn’t go to the game. We had more important things to worry about (like visiting the bars and playing flip cup at 2:00 in the afternoon). In case you were concerned, I just googled “Fordham football” to see if they won or lost. They lost. Shocker.

I always have such fun visiting this time of year. There’s something about a college campus in the Fall that just feels right. Even though it was unseasonably warm, there was still that autumnal glow, bouncing off the beautiful old gothic buildings. Cozy. Makes me miss it.

Oh, and another thing I miss about NY is Loehmann’s and Century 21! I managed to squeak a little Loehmann’s shopping in on Friday (Chelsea store only, never the Upper West Side). Nothing like a giant space filled with deals to bring out the competitive shopper in me. Ah, sweet, sweet bargains.

I’m still catching up, getting back in to the groove of things. But, here are a few shots of my time in the Boogie Down Bronx. Here we are with the Ram.

Black squirrel! Love these little buggers. They’re a bit of a rarity, but are common on Fordham’s campus. When I first started school someone told me that they are a rat-squirrel hybrid called a “rat squirrel.” I found this to be probable, it was the Bronx after all. But no, they are in fact their own thing.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Do you enjoy any collegiate activities this time of year?

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Salt = sodium = bad. Sweet = calories = bad. Well, isn't that just a bleak outlook. I firmly believe that without salt and without sweet we all just live in a world of lettuce. Plain lettuce. Fun? No. This blog is about life. Namely, my life. But, not that specific. I myself am simply not that interesting. I live an ordinary life, work an ordinary job and do ordinary things. But... life is all about experiencing that feeling you get when you really, really like something. If you don't feel a little warm in your heart when you walk into a farmer's market or try on a piece of beautiful clothing that fits you perfectly (that just so happens to be a great deal!) then you should probably keep on a' movin' from my little plot of internet. Sweeter salt is my metaphor for the good things in life, sprinkled over everything in moderation. Banana? Kinda boring. Banana smoothie - yum! White tank top? Yawn. Statement necklace layered over said tank - now we're talking! I live in Portland, Maine. I love cooking, eating out, riding my bike and approachable fashion. This blog does not chronicle my every waking moment. This is because you will probably not be entertained by the 10th day in a row that I eat the exact same salad for lunch. It does chronicle a healthy, active, fun-filled, colorful lifestyle, in Portland and beyond. It also covers dogs. Cute ones mostly.
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5 Responses to Go Rams!

  1. Tina says:

    love the leopard top!! :)

  2. Rach LaRoche says:

    I love that you wear leopard to a football game :)

    My husband and I met in college so it’s a special trip for us every year to go back for a football game. Though these days I wear cute sundresses instead of my ratty old t-shirts.

  3. kate says:

    i see you are abiding (intentionally or not) by my favorite rule, ‘never let yourself be photographed with a drink in your hand.’ and that your friend is holding 2 drinks. :)

    • sweetersalt says:

      Haha, my friend will probably kill me for posting that picture! I’m not sure why my hand has no drink (there musn’t have been one far). I believe she may have been holding another friend’s beer? Oh well, it is what it is!


  4. fore front says:

    one ram, two ram, three ram, FOR- DHAM!

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