Rediscovering Corduroys and an Open Letter to Michael Kors

In an effort to use up a massive quantity of vacation days before March 15, I took Friday off to run a few errands and get some things done. It was actually a really nice day, I didn’t even wear a jacket as I was driving around, running from place to place. The bad news? Another 12 inches of snow (REALLY?!) coming this Wednesday. I’m just going to pretend it’s not happening.

Anyways, I wore something I don’t usually wear a lot. Corduroys. It’s funny, because they are big this winter, and they’re not exactly a new concept, but I rarely wear them. Maybe it’s the annoying swish-swish sound that deters me, but these are cute and comfy and have been hanging around my dresser for a while so I was happy running around in them.

Tan corduroys: J.Crew
Light purple cable knit sweater: J.Crew (a billion years ago)
Purple scarf: Local shop (Asia West)
Brown boots: Union Bay (I didn’t even know they were still around!) via Marshall’s
Gray knee socks: Gap (a billion years ago)
Purse: Michael Kors
Watch: Michael Kors

Oh, and speaking of my Michael Kors watch, I have a little review and a bone to pick. For Christmas, Ross got me a beautiful rose gold-tone watch from Michael Kors. I loved it and wore it regularly (here’s the post where I first wore it). Here’s the problem: a few weeks ago I noticed that the metal on the back side was wearing off really badly. As in not just a scratch, but noticeable amounts of silver base metal coming through. I was so pissed! This wasn’t a cheap watch – that should not happen. Thankfully Macy’s allowed me to return it for a different model, this one with a “horn” colored acrylic band that won’t wear off. So far so good, but I will definitely be taking it back if I see any damage.

Dear Mr. Kors,

Your watches are far too expensive to wear so poorly. People do not appreciate dropping substantial amounts of money to have their watch look like poo within 30 days. Please address this problem and invest in some quality testing.

Kisses, Laura

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4 Responses to Rediscovering Corduroys and an Open Letter to Michael Kors

  1. fore front says:

    so i bought pink jcrew cords thinking i’d be all into the trend and i’ve worn them (drumroll please) twice so far.
    i just can’t give up my jeans!

  2. Lisa says:

    ohh that SUCKS! that def should not be happening to a watch over $200!!!! NOT. COOL. esp since the rose gold one is totes on my wish list! :(

  3. elle sees says:

    Omg I have that same sweater too. Off to dig out my cords…if only I had cute bangs. Hmph.

  4. Clare says:

    Oh man, I really love this outfit. The socks and flat lace-up boots are fantastic. I too am a big fan of corduroy. There’s something so casually cozy about it.

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