Happy Halloween! I’m not up to much tonight, just hanging out at home, passing out candy to the wee ones. Oh, and forcing Franklin to wear one of his costumes. Yes he has two dog costumes. I’m thinking he’ll go as a dinosaur (although the lobster option is compelling).

The main Halloween event was on Saturday night at the Space Gallery dance party. So much fun! Great cover bands and lotsa dancing. At the last minute I decided to go as an “80′s Atlantic City escort.” This was just a ploy to allow myself to wear my vintage sequin top and the ridiculous gold lame jacket I got at SWAPmaine. Oh! I’ll post my swap finds tomorrow (it went so well!).

That poof is pure teasing – no bumpit required! Sadly the SNOW smooshed some of the life out of it. Yes, that’s right – snow. Gross.

Since we never go as a matching couple (I always want to but Ross is such a poo about matching), my dear husband went as a Canadian.

Here’s the sad part – we already owned all the components of these costumes (except for the denim shirt). This says two things about us 1.) I like sequins and 2.) Ross is a secret lumberjack.

Hope everyone has a happy halloween!

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Salt = sodium = bad. Sweet = calories = bad. Well, isn't that just a bleak outlook. I firmly believe that without salt and without sweet we all just live in a world of lettuce. Plain lettuce. Fun? No. This blog is about life. Namely, my life. But, not that specific. I myself am simply not that interesting. I live an ordinary life, work an ordinary job and do ordinary things. But... life is all about experiencing that feeling you get when you really, really like something. If you don't feel a little warm in your heart when you walk into a farmer's market or try on a piece of beautiful clothing that fits you perfectly (that just so happens to be a great deal!) then you should probably keep on a' movin' from my little plot of internet. Sweeter salt is my metaphor for the good things in life, sprinkled over everything in moderation. Banana? Kinda boring. Banana smoothie - yum! White tank top? Yawn. Statement necklace layered over said tank - now we're talking! I live in Portland, Maine. I love cooking, eating out, riding my bike and approachable fashion. This blog does not chronicle my every waking moment. This is because you will probably not be entertained by the 10th day in a row that I eat the exact same salad for lunch. It does chronicle a healthy, active, fun-filled, colorful lifestyle, in Portland and beyond. It also covers dogs. Cute ones mostly.
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5 Responses to Halloween

  1. fore front says:

    obsessed with that jacket!!!

  2. lisa says:

    ha! i love your costume!!!! even better that you already owned all of those pieces. classy! :D

  3. Mads says:

    haha “80′s Atlantic City escort” is hilarious!
    Any pics of Franklin decked out?

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