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SWAPmaine – back ‘atcha June 10!

I’m super happy to say that myself and the other SWAP maine ladies, Allie from Broke 207, Ashley from sweet william, Kate from Sweet Disorder, Laura from Fore Front Fashion, and Michelle from Maine Belle / Goodwill of Northern New … Continue reading

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Curried Sweet Potato and Cranberry Salad

I made this quick side dish about a week ago for a BBQ at a friend’s house. I was starting to get some mobility in my arms after my bike accident so I was feeling like showing off. “Hey! Look … Continue reading

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Cripple’s Night Out

Well here I am, first post-accident update! I’ve been doing really well since my bike accident; I’m feeling better every day. I don’t wear a sling most of the time, only when I’m out walking for a while. My arms … Continue reading

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Wear your bike helmet!

Those of you that follow me on twitter may have heard about my bike accident last week. Though I have a pair of broken elbows and a skinned knee, it could have definitely been worse. Thank goodness for helmets! But… … Continue reading

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We got some nature up in here

My new backyard is next to a wooded walking area, which means we have a bit of a forest view. Though we’re only 2.5 miles from downtown Portland, it almost feels like we’re in some strange suburbany forest world. This … Continue reading

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