Portland Dishcrawl Review PLUS a Discount!

A few months ago I was contacted by Mary from Dishcrawl Portland. Dishcrawl is much like a pub crawl, but with restaurants. At each event, ticket holders visit four restaurants in one night, sampling each restaurant’s specialties and meeting the chefs or owners. They aim to create a community by bringing Portlanders together with chefs and restaurants. Since I love Portland and I love food, I was pretty excited at the opportunity to give it a try. In May I joined the group and had a great time. Luckily, there’s another event scheduled for June 11 and two sweeter salt readers can receive a 25% off discount – woo hoo! Just enter “sweetersalt” to get 25% off at www.dishcrawl.com/backtooldport.

The first stop on our crawl was at The Porthole. Locals may remember this restaurant closed under dubious circumstances a little while back, but they are newly re-opened and renovated with new ownership and and a fresh menu. I was suuuuuper impressed by the food we sampled, which included a fish taco, lobster roll, and homemade veggie burger. The food was fresh and tasty, and the chef made sure to let us know their dishes are made with local ingredients whenever possible. I’m definitely looking forward to returning.


The second stop was at a food truck, which is definitely a big trend just starting to hit Portland.

gustos 1

Gusto’s Italian Food Truck offers seafood, meats and vegetables served in a crispy pizza cone, topped with savory sauces. We tried a mini pizza cone called the “Carne Piquante” which featured roast beef, crispy onions, spicy queso, and pepper jack. This definitely falls into the “fair food” category for me. It was pretty heavy and rich, but it was a yummy guilty pleasure.

gustos 2

The third stop was at The Merry Table, a French restaurant and creperie. I had been before, but it had been a few years, so I was excited to see what they had to offer. We sampled a crostini with goat cheese, mushrooms, and truffle oil, a “crepe cake” with seafood, egg, and tomato, as well as a curried lamb crepe. All three dishes were delicious, with a bit of a twist – yum.

merry creperie

The last stop was dessert at Gelato Fiasco. I’m no stranger to this local gelato maker, so I was happy as a clam to chow down on some delicious frozen treats. I was feeling pretty full after all the delicious eats, so I kept it light with sorbetto – raspberry cantaloupe and lemon.

gelato fiasco

If you’re intrigued by Dishcrawl, and want to give it a try on June 11, make sure to enter “sweetersalt” to get 25% off at www.dishcrawl.com/backtooldport. Only two discounted spots are available – so sign up early!

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3 Responses to Portland Dishcrawl Review PLUS a Discount!

  1. how did you eat it all?! i want to do this!

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  3. audrey says:

    What’s this! I’m going to look in to this so called dishcrawl, satisfies my need for delicious food and …. more delicious food.

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